Combat: Movement, attacking, tech

Combat takes place on a 2.5D plane; the player can only move in 2 axes, but the enemy can move in 3, with your movement plane tethered to a locked-on enemy (meaning “forward” will take you closer to the unit’s x,y,z position).

Basic movement is controlled by sliding your finger in the direction of movement, with a slide to near the edges of the screen resulting in faster flight that consumes the boost gauge. Dashes can be performed with a flick in the desired direction.

Attacking is done by tapping on the screen in various ways:

Ranged attack: single tap on screen, fires whatever gun you have equipped

Melee attack:

Tech: moving forwards while firing has different properties ie you fire a burst of bullets instead of just 1 from the rifle, moving sideways with a sniper fires 3 shots (needs checking)

Non-combat: Gatcha tickets, drops/analysis/upgrading

Scout (Gatcha) Tickets These are used to draw new characters from a predetermined pool. Rarities range from 1 to 4 stars, with a guaranteed 3 star character and an extra draw (total 11) when 10 tickets are used at once. Additional tickets can be obtained by gathering 100 Scout Points, which can be found from progressing through the story, completing sub quests, finishing dailies/achievements, on random hexes in survey mode. Theres also a 10 point reward for playing with someone you haven’t met in multiplayer, but that appears to stop after 500 points are obtained (conf. needed). If a duplicate character of the same rarity is drawn from the gatcha, that character gets +1 to its maximum level and an accessory ticket is also rewarded. These can be used in the accessory gatcha where character-specific accessories can be obtained. Duplicate accessories are changed to various gifts instead.

Drops Enemies have a chance to drop