—Narukozaka Manufacturing: Office —Valentines Day

Hey Commander! You haven’t left yet?

Umm... Uhh... Well...

I don’t know how to say this...

Come see me later, I have something to give you.

It’s something good, so look forward to it.

Can I stay behind to train today?

Umm... It would be nice...

if you could come coach.

Oh, Commander, there you are.

If you want some chocolate that I’ve put all of my love into, bring the ransom money to the pre-determined location! Which I’ll tell you about later!

Hey hey, Commander, you want some chocolate?

I want some chocolate! There’s enough for you, too.

I’ll give you some so let’s go home together.

If you don’t, I’ll end up eating everything!

You should go home on time today, Commander.

So... when are you leaving? W-Why am I asking? Uhh...

I... I’m just worried that you won’t go over the maximum number of overtime hours.


Are you almost finished work?

I’m... just wondering.

Let me know when you’re going home.

I need you for something... it’s not that important though.

Finishing up various medial tasks, it was time to leave work.

Choice 1: Go see Yotsuyu, Sitara and Fumika

Choice 2: Go see Kaede, Rin and Ren

Choice 3: It’s probably better to not see anyone

Choice 1: Go see Yotsuyu, Sitara and Fumika

Choice 1a: Go see Yotsuyu

Commander! Over here!

Thanks for coming!

I feel a little guilty for bringing you out all the way here.

Umm... I don’t know how to say this... but...

I was going to give this to you at the office at first...

But Sitara told me that I shouldn’t, that I should choose a place with better atmosphere.

I couldn’t think of anywhere, so I chose this place.

It has... good atmosphere, right?

Hey... it’s snowing.


...Commander, here you are.

It’s... home-made.

I put effort and love into it.

It’s to thank you for everything you’ve done, and is filled with the appreciation of everyone at Narukozaka.

So it’s a little... bitter.

Uh, bitter’s not the right word... bittersweet.

You’re a grown-up so I thought you wouldn’t like it if it was too sweet.

I’m sorry if you would’ve liked it sweet.

I still don’t know much about you... But it’s nice to work with you!

Choice 1b: Go see Sitara


It sure is a romantic night.

Thanks for coming all the way out here.


*Blush* Everything is going just as planned...

But it’s all so perfect that I’m getting nervous.

But... I’ll try my best.

Take this as a token of my feelings.


Are you happy?

I sure am.

It isn’t home-made, but I spent a lot of time picking it out.

I put my love into picking out the best chocolate

so it’s filled with all of my thoughts for you.

If I were to quantify it... It would be enough for three 1/144 model kits.

I can’t make chocolates...

but I can put together and paint models.

What’s inside the box?

Why, it’s the ultimate collaboration between a famous chocolate maker and a famous toy manufacturer!

That’s right!

The chocolate’s for you, and the model kit’s for me!

It went out of production a few years ago so it took me some time to find it.

Expiry date?

I swapped out the chocolate with something from the store so it’s fine.

It sure is romantic... and cold.

Warm me up!

Choice 1c: Go see Fumika

Commander, are you going home now?

It’s kinda late.

You’re working... too much overtime.

What if you get sick?

...It’s cold so I’ll just get this over with.


It’s obligatory chocolate for my boss.

I won’t promise that it tastes good.

It was my first time making chocolates so I referenced a book.

I did taste it, but I don’t know if it’ll suit your taste.

So tell me what you think,

it’ll be reference for next time.

By... which I mean I’ll be using it as reference.

Not that I want to know what your preferences are...


But I do respect you...

as my boss...

at least.

It’s my way of saying

thank you.

Choice 2: Go see Kaede, Rin and Rei

Choice 2a: Go see Kaede

Thank you for coaching me today, Commander.


Umm... Sorry.

I... Couldn’t give 100% during practice.

That’s probably because... I was doing things in a roundabout way.

I couldn’t be honest with you, and I used practice as an excuse.

I’ve failed... as a martial artist.

I notice my shortcomings whenever I’m with you.

I still have a lot to learn, but I hope you’ll accept this.

These are my feelings for you.

I made these with Rin and Rei earlier.

No, the reason why we made them together was so we could give some to everyone, but

this one’s different.

I made your chocolate by myself...

So if you don’t like them, I’m the only one at fault.

They’re white chocolates, white like this snow.

It’d be nice if you enjoyed them...

Please try one.

Choice 2b: Go see Rin

Yo, Commander! Were you sick of waiting?

Me too, I’ve been wanting chocolate since this morning

I actually wanted to give this to you at the park, but do you want to open them up here?

C’mon, I want chocolate!

You want chocolate!

Yeah! It’s snow!

It’s snow! Snow!

It’s a white Christmas!

Oh... wait that’s not right.

A white Valentines?

Who cares what we call it.

What’s important is Valentines...



This chocolate’s for you!

It’s the first time I ever made chocolate by myself.

Rei got really mad at me but I did it!

But she said I was good at whipping bubbles into the chocolate and shaping it.

I’m sure it’ll taste great!

Let’s split it in half.

After you take a bite,

I’ll get a turn.

After I take a bite,

it’s your turn.

We’re friends, so it’s fine right?

Choice 2c: Go see Rei

Sorry... I dragged you out here.

It’s not... important or anything.

I made chocolate for my friends, with Rin and Kaede.

I gave some to everyone else in the office too.

Because I had them.

You take care of me so I thought I should...

I had extra so there’s some for you too.

Do you want some?

They’re leftovers so you can take as much as you want.

I bother you with a bunch of stuff, after all.

It’s my way of making up. Take some.

Here, have this.

I took enough time to make them to equal the amount of work I’ve made you do.

Try some.

...Not that I care if you do.

Huh? It’s started snowing again.

I guess that just means I shouldn’t do stuff I’m not used to.

Later, then.


Leaving those words behind, she disappears into the crowd.

Choice 3: It’s probably better to not see anyone

Hey, Commander, you haven’t gone home yet?

Today’s... Valentines day, isn’t it?

The Actresses have been on top of the moon since this morning.

...Huh, what, didn’t you get any chocolates yet?

...Well if that’s the case, take these off of my hands for me, will ya?

From me, to you.

Don’t worry about it.

Only men can understand how other men feel.


Choice 3a I’ll gladly take them

Don’t get me wrong, I’m just getting rid of them.

I got some from every one of them.

Do they even know how high my blood sugar level is?

Choice 3b I don’t swing that way...

Don’t get me wrong, I’m just getting rid of them.

I got some from every one of them.

Do they even know how high my blood sugar level is?

Choice 3c I-I’ll be leaving now!

Loops back to choices 1 and 2